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Lana Privitera $295

Lana Matich Privitera is an American artist that has become known internationally for her highly realistic and luminous watercolors. Born and educated in Spain, Mrs. Privitera moved to the USA in the 1990s.

Lana has been a watercolor instructor for over 15 years and is the recipient of numerous awards at National and International level. 

She is currently a Board Member of the International Watercolor Society (IWS) USA Chapter, a Fellow Member of the American Artist Professional League, and a Signature Member of both the North East Watercolor Society and the Audubon Artists. 

“Playing with glazes and values” is a workshop for those artists that enjoy the challenge of painting Realistic watercolors. Lana teaches using a Step-by-step approach. 

In the first day, Lana will demonstrate how to create interesting dark or variegated backgrounds. Students will have the chance to create and finish their own backgrounds. 

Second day will be dedicated to learn how to build up values to create interesting contrast and realistic shadows. 

The last day of the workshop the students will learn techniques to clean and soften excessive edges to avoid the “cookie cuter effect” in their painting, and will also learn how to evaluate if the composition still requires some minute additions to improve flow and balance.




Earlier Event: May 14
Nicki Heenan $300